How do I Adopt-A-Town or Adopt-A-County?

Click here to adopt a county. Click here to adopt a town.

How do I know if my town or county has already been taken?

Search for the town or county you would like to adopt. If it is not available, it will show (NOT AVAILABLE) next to the town or county name.

What is the Texas Almanac?

Read our About Us.

Will I have to perform any duties or services for my adopted town or county?

No. This is a fundraising event for the Texas State Historical Association and the Texas Almanac and is in no way related to the city, county, or state government institutions.

Do I have any entitlement or ownership in my adopted town or county?

Participation in the programs in no way imparts entitlement or ownership of the actual town or county adopted.

Can I make it in memory or in honor of someone?

Yes. Once you have searched for and chosen a town or county, simply choose the "In memory of" or "In honor of" option.

What is the deadline?

To Adopt-A-County in the print edition of the Texas Almanac, submissions must be received by May 20, 2013. County or town adoptions on the website can occur year-round. All adoptions will expire on the anniversary of the specified duration you choose during checkout.

If you have any other questions, please email tshaonline@tshaonline.org.

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